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Larissa / Brasil

My name is Larissa Lincol, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I always wanted to use braces to repair my unlined teeth, so I decided to go do an evaluation with Dr. Priscila Santana, to see how much the orthodontic treatment would be. After hearing how much it would be, I knew I could not afford the entire treatment on my own and I knew at that point my dream was gone. Little did I know that a few days earlier Claudia Scala (cousin of Dr.Priscila Santana) had mentioned that she was looking for a new hard working candidate to help put the braces on. That’s when Dr. Priscilla contacted me if and asked I was interested in being part of this project. Of course I accepted and my dream came true.
I am so grateful for all that Scala Inc is doing for me. May you continue to help thousands of people who need this initiative.

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